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Hello TBlog it been two years. Hard to believe. May 2015
05.04.15 (12:49 am)   [edit]
Well I am back after being gone for two years. But now I am back, I look forward on talking to all my friends here on Tblog.

New Blog Post
09.07.13 (2:08 pm)   [edit]

Well I have been promoting my Facebook page now and so far, I have 36 likes.  It is hard to promote something new. In Art, Music you have to sell yourself (sort of speaking) to be known or promote what you do.  In anything, you have to do that. Patients’ is not one of my strong suits at all. The other page has been around (since 1998) for a long time but the Facebook page only been around since 2010, but It was not until about a month ago that I have did anything with it. I will post a links below in case you want to visit the page. That is what I have been doing.  Working on pages on-line and working on art. I hope to have some new paintings, sketches soon to post and show. I have been going hot and heavy on animation. It will be nice to get back where I started from; what I mean is painting and fine art type of art—that is where it all started and I still enjoy painting, sketching, and even sculpting.  

   Well, other than that, I did go down to “John’s Pass,” this summer and it was great to go back down. It is a nice little boardwalk with some great little shops and great bars and food. One place is “The Hut,” with great food and island music. The beer is cold and the food is great. Here is a video of my trip to “St John’s Pass on Treasure,” Florida “The Hut”: St John's Pass. Treasure Island, FL (HD - 27:00 Minutes)

Well, it is good to be back again blogging. Maybe I just need to have some time off. Now I can come back fresh and try to keep you more updated. I hope you enjoy the video and will try to post more videos of my travels in Florida. It is a great place and full of Island type music and food.  Cold beer flows free always! FaceBook page

Dan's personal FaceBook page

I am back-LIke the flu!
09.04.13 (3:54 pm)   [edit]

I was just joking about that but I am back to write the blog again.  I needed some time off to do other things. I hope to go back to writing every two weeks or more and keep you better up dated.  I've been very busy working, and keeping my Two Face book pages going.

Well, I  have been working a lot on my animation and art work and that is about it.  I just need time off from bloging for awhile after doing it since 2004.  Man, that seem so long a go and so many blogs under the bridge (Sorry Bad pun)  Not to much has been going on, exspect work and more work.  I'm still living down in Florida and not  to much has happened.  I just wanted to let you know that I am back and will be writing the blog again. I will update it as much as I can. Hope all of you had a good summer and everything is fine with you.

Digial Comoposting
01.10.13 (1:51 pm)   [edit]

There is so much you can do with software to be creative. This one is a Digital Compost of me Digitally composited in Rembrandt Netherlands studio. I use Adobe Photoshop CS4 to do this composite, but also worked in Adobe After Effects to composite video footage.

My brainless neighbor
12.03.12 (3:44 pm)   [edit]

It never seems to amaze me or shocks me what some people seem to just do what they want, without any regards to others around them.   Since I’ve been living in my current apartment for over a year now and my brainless neighbor seems to think he can do whatever he wants at any time of the day.  The dog, the partying all times of the night and being outside at pass 2AM and talking loud and playing golf at that time of night.

About 2 weeks ago, I was woken up by Fire crackers being setting off at 3:30AM in the morning.  Upset over this I went out my front door and yelled over to the group,”What the hell you think you are doing? It’s 3:30 in the morning! “He did not respond at first at all and mumbled something like “what kind of drugs are you on or some bull shit like that.  And just went on talking and playing with the other two.   So I repeated it again. There was not response at all.  I could have gone over there and killed them, and it took all my might not to do that, then I would be in jail.  I ended it by saying, “All Right, this ‘WILL Be’ taking care of in the morning!!”  I went in slamming the door. I notice his two little play mates too off pretty dam quick in their car!   I was passed boiling and did not get to sleep until 5Am because of being so angry.  I called the Landlord and told him about this amazing feat of Dumbness of Little Jay.   He must have gave him the riot act because now, Little jay giving me a cold shoulder act when I am outside and he out there, which I don’t care at all.  Drunk or just stupidity, this is not right at this time of night.  Now he is having his little Tessie fits, doing everything to get back at me, by blasting his music and raving his motorcycle.

I’ve been here for about a year now and it is not the first time we had trouble with him.  His dog runs loose and relieves himself all over the front yard and my part of the yard, which I stepped in many times and spoken to him about it.  He apologized for it.  Then next day he does the same thing, over and over and over again.  He refuses to put his dog in the back yard where it‘s fenced in.  He used every excuse in the book.  The dog is going to dig under the fence, I said how about chaining him?  He told me the dog will break the chain and get out.  This last one is an epic excuse, “he likes the front yard and he don’t like the fence in back yard.” Now his Dog, “Buddha” is a very mild and friendly dog.  He is not going to Break the Chain and Jump or dig under the fence!  I would call animal control and I hope it will not come to that.  Because the problem is not the dog fault, it is the brainless twit owner!  If I’m forced to I will do it, if it keeps happening.   

 There was the time he Turn the front yard into a driving range, again at 3:30AM in the morning. The Golf ball hitting my grill and table and I heard them laughing,” Him and his little play mates. The dog was relieving himself on my outdoor table legs, chairs and grill.  So after three times I had to put it away and not cook out in the summer.  He had a party again the same time with them yelling wooing people in and out slamming the doors, so I knocked on the wall; they just laugh things they so smart and kept on doing it and slamming the doors.  I called the police to get them to quite it down and it did work and thought it would get my point across.  But guess what?  Nope, Brainless little jay just kept on doing what he wanted, no matter who he is bothering!  So far I have talked to him over a dozen times about the noise after 11:00PM, the loud parties, slamming doors every in the morning.  The same about the dog in my part of the front yard relieving it at will.  These are just the high lights of little Jay and his play mates!  Now you have to understand that this is not a kid or teenager.  He is 27 years old adult, even though he don’t act like an adult.  He is home all the time and makes noise day and night.  I hope I am not force to move because of this little brainless twit!

People amaze me!  Some have no consideration for others at all and do whatever they want and when ever.  We have three older people here over the age of 75, which live around us.  Some people do not have a clue, as with little Jay about being considerate of others.  He even said he likes the night life and that his life style.  So right there, you know the mentality of some people and they never grow up or grow up brainless.   Unbelievable how they think!  

Sept Blog
09.07.12 (5:41 pm)   [edit]

What I Thought would be a good time off isn’t at all a good time at all.  I find myself lost with very little to do, even though I am working in Maya 2012 and still in animation.  I spend a lot of time on the internet (I always did anyway.) looking at videos of my friends who published videos on YouTube.  I could start cleanup the place but somehow I just cannot get started on it or have the energy to get going.  Even the blog that I once posted (As I am doing now) daily seems useless because I not sure if anyone is reading it or am I talking to myself,  am  I setting in front of the monitor talking  to it?  I started keeping this blog back in 2004, when Blog was at its boom point.  But now, it has died down and it is not the same as it use to be.  So should I keep this blog going or shut it down for awhile and see what happens?  That is not good because if I do that the people (if any) who are reading this would stop coming to the site and just fade away.   I had to turn off public comments because of the spam problem.  I know this is scripts and not real people typing this in and there is not much I can do about it.  I have one young lady who emailed me, and told me what a nice blog I have. That is nice to hear and I am glad that she enjoyed reading it.  Other than that, most of the hits are from Google search engines and RFTs and things like that.

Animation:  I believe at this point I can say that I have enjoyed working in Maya, more so then 3D Max. For some strange reason it is not as laid out as much as 3D Max but somehow seems easier to work in then Max.  For example, NURBS (Non-Uniform Rational B-Spine) seems to be easier to create shapes with NURBS then in Max.   Both Max and Maya are from Autodesk that creates many 3D applications for 3D modeling and CAD. Even the Shading and texturing seems superior to the 3D max.  The Superiority of the program intense the studios to use Maya over 3D Max, such as one of the largest studio DreamWorks and other studios that generate many of the 3D movies and shorts that we see in theaters.  Pixar has in-house applications that they use.  The first one is called MARIONETTE to create the 3D scenes and RENDERMAN for rendering the frames.  I am sure they apply Mental Ray to their rendering that takes a lot of resources in the process.  I know one of the programs or the main program that DreamWorks uses is Maya and Mud box and some other programs for animation texturing. I don’t know of any or can’t think of any studios using Max at all.  Maybe some small studios would use Max over Maya, but the main program for 3D is Maya over all.

I know when I render 200 Frames, which is only 6.4 seconds of running time; it takes about 30 to 45 minutes to render the 200 frames.  If we are talking about a short which is about 30 minutes or a full length (about 1 ½ hours), we are talking about 54,000 for a 30 minutes film and 108,000 to 162,000 for a 1 ½ to 2 hour full length feature film.  Even a 15 minutes cartoon would be 27,000 frames at 30 FPS!  So with the Mental Ray and/or HD, it would take days if not weeks to render out the scenes and all the frames.  But they have Render processors that are 4 or 7 core systems and are more like main frames to render out the animation.  OK, OK, I will stop with the geek talk and stop talking shop now. I am such a computer geek!  I hope I did not bore to many people reading this and they did not fall asleep on me, talking about animation and the techie side of it.

Old Friends: Now that I’ve gotten off my soapbox and ended my long saga about animation and the geeky side of me, I will go on and write about other things.  I still speak to my overseas friend once in the while A.K.A LD or code name LD from the Far East.  Hmmm, maybe I should have chine’s food to night? Anyway, we have been writing to each other for most of our lives (Well from 15 years old up that is.) and we still stay in contact all these years.  It is hard to believe that it has been 37 years now since we first met, God I getting old!  Hello LD, I know you are going to read this and I am trying to be a good boy, yea right!!  I will not go into the whole story about how we met but we did and we have been friends ever since.  

Politics:  Oh boy, the bull shit is flying around these days with strong hot air from all the parties.  It scares me that Mitt Romney is running for president!  I could have nightmares about it and the mess this would make in the US.  He talks about how he wants to help the poor but that is just Bull shit and we know who he is for; he for the middle class and for the rich. There was much talk about Barack Obama’s birth place and many other things that he did not want to publish but Ohhhhh no, it does not matter about Old mitts Swiss bank accounts and little deals overseas. He stated some time ago that one year he only made 5 million on year… Boy is that tough, he had to live on only 5 million. How many out there that would like to even have 100,000 to live on for one year?  He’s greedy and his heavy handed deals and polices did not help the poor in Massachusetts when I was living there.  I lived under his rule and it did not work for Massachusetts and now he want s to do it for the whole county! He as greedy has they come.  I believe Obama is the man that is right for the job and who is trying better our country.  He is for everyone as a whole and wants to help the working, including the poor and students who want to get ahead and have a better life.  I guess there is no doubt whom I am voting for and who I dislike.  These are just my opinion and I am not saying I am right but GOOD OBAMA!!!  Sorry about that! 

Well I am sure that all of you are shock about this long post. It has been a very long time since I wrote this much.  I surprised myself about how much I wrote about. Well that is it for now and we have covered a lot this time, so I am not going to make this closing to long.  I hope we get a good man in office and won’t cut the services so many needs and depend on. But for now I’ll disappear in cyber space and back into the animation world.



Dan is Living on the South-East coast of the US. He is an art student. He has many hobbies and enjoys the outdoors and cooking, plays guitar,paino. He had this blog since 2004